3 Steps to Supermodel Cheekbones

I think we all have been watching fashion shows on television and admire all those beautiful supermodels, they have such a beautiful life getting to do what they love and travel and on top of all of that they look awesome. Their makeup always look perfect like they are some sort of goddesses from heaven. We have an advice for you, don’t get tricked by the looks, because sometimes the reality is different. If you wondered many times how they get to have such beautiful and contoured cheekbones you will have to know you can have them too and within 3 easy steps. And because strong cheekbones are in such a trend right now, accentuate them and enjoy the supermodel look.

What you will need:
– light and dark foundation (you have to set these shades according to your natural face color);
– blending brush;
– pink powder blush;
– loose powder
– liquid concealer for the eye area.

1. Dab a light colored foundation on the areas that are catching lights on your face, like the forehead, cheekbones nose and chin. Shape the face with the darker foundation by creating a depth look to the cheekbones (as you can see in the pictures).
2. Blend them together with the brush then apply a loose powder to your face.
3. Add the concealer to your eyes area to cover any other dark circles than put some pink powder blush on your cheekbones. Ready!

3 Steps to Supermodel Cheekbones

Photo courtesy: fashionela.

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