How to Make Your 25th Anniversary Even More Special

One of the most celebrated anniversaries is the 25th, also known as the silver anniversary. This significant milestone anniversary deserves to be even more special than previous anniversaries, as the tradition for celebrating such a date goes back to the Middle Ages, further back than any of the earlier anniversaries. Already there is a reason for making extra efforts to mark wedding anniversaries since they can be considered more important than birthdays as they require two people to make them happen.

Completing a quarter-century steering through life’s challenges and cheerleading the good with each other is awesome. Here are some 25th wedding anniversary special gift ideas that acknowledge your shared lives and whilst every anniversary is a milestone, these ideas make your silver anniversary even more special than usual.

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The traditional gift for a 25th anniversary is silver jewelry. Available in styles from art deco to tribal, there will be something they will love, and something likely to become a keepsake within the family. Twenty-five years deserves a really special gift and as diamonds really are a girl’s best friend you will be able to find an item that suits her style and your wallet.

You can put some thought into providing 25 gifts that you know your spouse or partner will enjoy. This can include tickets to see their favorite movie or theatre production; a gift box of their favorite chocolates or a bottle of their favorite liquor. You do not have to buy all the gifts. A hand-written letter of love and gratitude for the years spent together is priceless. Let them know how they have helped you to change and grow, the positive impact of having them in your life and anything else that shows your appreciation.


Recreating your wedding dinner or returning to the site of your first date is a fun way to mark the passage of time. If the restaurant for your first dinner date is no longer open, try and recreate the menu at home using an online search for recipes. Alternatively, create a similar scenario in your current location.

On your wedding day, you may have had many photographs taken of yourselves at your happiest best. Return to the steps of the church and ask a passerby to take a photo of you again, 25 years later. Alternatively, arrange for a professional photographer to take some photographs of you as a couple and frame the one you like the best or create a photo book.

Celebration party

A celebration means different things to different people. One couple might want a big party whilst another would find it much more enjoyable to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a meal for two, particularly those who rarely get time alone together due to work, childcare and other responsibilities. The chance to be freed from all distractions, including phones, to reminisce and look to the future, could be the best celebration of all.

You might want to invite some friends over for dinner to celebrate your silver anniversary and have fun finding out about their relationships through the stories they have to tell. For additional fun, you could make it a fancy-dress party.

Take a trip

Now is your chance to take your dream holiday. You may not have had a honeymoon at the time of your wedding, so if you have not yet done so, maybe this is the time for you to go on a honeymoon. Make it extra special for your beloved by arranging a surprise within the holiday that you know they will enjoy, whether that be having a day on the golf course, visiting an elite restaurant or taking a private tour of a vineyard.

Whilst a wedding anniversary is a chance to look back, and it is also an opportunity to look forward. Take some time to be together to plan all the new things you would like to try and the fun things you would like to do in the future.

Twenty-five years are gone, but you may have 25 more years ahead, and with the security you have with each other, there is much more to look forward to.

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