20 Tricks That Help You Look Better in Pictures

20 Tricks That Make You Look Better in Pictures

If you thought so far that you are the kind of person who is not photogenic, you might be wrong. We tell you that everything depends on how you pose. You might be a very good looking person but still don’t know how to show it on camera. Because everything is a skill that can be mastered, being photogenic is the same.

Follow these tricks that will help you look better in pictures:

1. If you know that you are the kind of person that tend to blink during a picture taking, try to close your eyes before the photo is taken then open them. This way you will avoid pics with half closed eyes.

2. Take care of your make-up, make sure that your foundation is perfect.

3. In order to avoid double chin, push your face forward a little bit then oblong your neck.

4. Highlight your lashes by curling them and putting on some mascara.

5. Try to exercise in front of the mirror and look at old pictures in order to find your best angles.

6. Fill in your brows, because they show character and emotions.

7. Try to put your tongue behind your teeth so you don’t look goofy.

8. Shiny hair is a must, so make sure it looks gorgeous.

9. To avoid red eyes, look at light before shooting, the pupils will shrink and you will minimize the possibility of actually having red eyes.

10. For brighter and more open eyes you can use a few drops of Visine.

11. If you don’t use some blush your face will look two dimensional, so blush is a must.

12. You can try the red carpet pose: put your hand on your hip, turn your head towards the camera while you are bending to the side.

13. Never look straight into the camera, instead create a small angle between your head and neck.

14. Don’t use too much sparkle on your face.

15. You can use a small amount of sparkle on your neck to create a more attractive look.

16. Use lipstick in bright colors.

17. Try to use a white background for the pictures, it will lighten your features.

18. Avoid to stand directly under a light because you might get surprises like weird shadows on your face.

19. To make your eyes pop, look at a light source and they will be illuminated.

20. Instead of saying “cheese” you can think of something funny and your photos will surely look amazing!

A. Get the best angle for a picture and eliminate that double chin.

20 Tricks That Make You Look Better in Pictures B. Wear lipstick to have a shiny smile.

20 Tricks That Make You Look Better in Pictures (2)

C. Don’t stand facing the camera. Turn your shoulders for some ”weight loss”. 20 Tricks That Make You Look Better in Pictures (3) D. For a thinner look stand with your feet shoulder length apart, put your weight on your back foot and pop your front knee. 20 Tricks That Make You Look Better in Pictures (4)

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