1920’s Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial

If you love old style looks or you are just about to attend to a themed party where you want a nice 1920’s look, we have a special hairstyle tutorial for you that will successfully complete your fancy costume or your thirst for vintage. 1920’s is all about sophistication and elegance, it was a period of great inventions and fashion wise, women started to become more and more bold and courageous in their looks. They loved curls and bandanas and nice updos. That was the trend of those years and if you want to revive the vintage loving person in you try out this beautiful hair tutorial we have for you.

1920’s Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial (2)

What you will need:
– curling iron;
– hair comb;
– thickening spray or mousse;
– heat protectant;
– hair bands and several hair clips;
– bobby pins;
– hairspray.

1. Comb your hair and use a thickening spray all over it or even a mousse.
2. Spray the heat protectant on your hair to minimize damage produced by the curling iron.
3. Split your hair into three sections as follows: two smaller ones in the front and a big one in the back which you will tie in a ponytail.
4. Start taking small sections from the hair in the front and curl them, then secure with some hair clips. Repeat this to all of your hair in the front.
5. Make a side twisted bun out of the ponytail.
6. Start releasing the curls from one side and pin them along the bun, but not before brushing them. Leave more hair for the other side as you can see in the pictures.
7. Release the curls from the other side too, brush again and pin them along the bun.
8. Use some bobby pins to create a semicircle or half moon in the front, all the way down to the bun (should look like an S shape).
9. Use hairspray to spray the curls down and make them as flat as possible and your 1920’s hairstyle is ready!

Photo courtesy: makeup.

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