15 Ways to Style Your Hair with a Chic Ribbon

15 Ways to Style Your Hair with a Chic Ribbon

If you are bored of your daily hairstyles and you have no time for learning new ones, all fashionistas agree that by adding a new accessory, can bring a new look to your hairdo and can help keeping it from falling flat. The most accessible and easy to use item is a ribbon in a matching color for your entire outfit. For starters, we bring to your attention 15 easy suggestions:

1. Comb your hair, wrap the ribbon under the hair and tie it in a bow slightly off the center of the top of the head.

2. Comb the hair on the back, place the ribbon an inch from the hairline and tie it underneath the hair down behind your head.

3. Take a section of hair from above the forehead, and tie it with a ribbon, pulling it loose to create a bump.

4. Make a pompadour hairstyle and secure it with a ribbon around the elastic band.

5. Make a ponytail with only the top section of your hair and leave the down section loose. Secure the top ponytail with a ribbon at the back of your head.

6. Take small sections of hair from the Tampere, and braid them towards the back of the hair, and secure the two together with a ribbon.

7. Make a ponytail at the nape of your neck and fix it with a ribbon.

8. Make a ponytail on the side of the nape of your neck, just behind the ear, and secure it with a ribbon.

9. Make a classic ponytail at the back top to middle section of your head and secure with a ribbon.

10. Start at a side of your head and French braid down to the oposite nape of your neck, and tie the braid with the ribbon.

11. Comb the hair to one side and braid it, tie the ribbon at the end of it.

12. Make a French braid starting from the top back section of your head and stop at the nape of the neck and fixate with a ribbon.

13. Make a sleek low bun and wrap the ribbon around it, or around your head parallel to the hairline.

14. Tie your hair up into a top knot and wrap the ribbon around it, or around your head parallel to the hairline.

15. Tie the ribbon in a bow onto a hair pin, and attach it above the ear.


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