14 Products You Have Been Using Wrong


There are so many tricks and tips that can improve your everyday life so we will present you a few products you might have been using wrongly until now. Get inspired by these life-hacks and never use these everyday products in the old way.

1. When you buy aluminum foil press the sides inside and create holes so you can lock the roll. This way it will be easier for you to take the sheets out aluminum-foil

2. Fold out the sides of a juice box or milk box so you can balance the content from them easily.

balance juice boxes or even milk cartons by folding out the sides from the top

3. When you eat yoghurt that has toppings, fold the topping into the yoghurt, do not bother with a spoon.


4. If you want to floss the right way, hold the string with your fingers inside and do circular motions.

right way to floss

5. Have you ever bought apple sauce and you didn’t have a spoon to eat it? Make one from the lid and be careful with the edges so you don’t cut yourself in them.

moot moot-1

6. When you open a soda can, don’t throw the tab out, let it there and use it as a straw holder.


7. If you didn’t know, the plastic covers of soft drinks are also made to be used as coasters.

the plastic lid of soft drinks

8. If you don’t want to waste to much toothpaste, place just a little bit on the top of your toothbrush. A pea size is enough to do the job properly.


9. Next time you buy Chinese food and you have a table where to eat it, fold out the cardboard container and you have a plate to eat in.


10. Store natural peanut butter upside down, this way the oil will be distributed evenly throughout and you won’t need to mix it all the time before eating.


11. Pull out a Toblerone piece of chocolate from the box by pressing it the opposite way, instead of pulling it towards to take it out.

Toblerone piece

12. Use plungers properly, the red one with flat rim it’s designed for sinks, not toilets.


13. The holes in the handles of pots are specially designed for holding the spoons while you use them not only for hanging the pots on the wall.
the holes in the handles of many pots

14. Tye extension cords by making a pretzel knot to them, this way you will be sure they won’t come apart.

pretzel-knot tying extension cords
Photo courtesy: diply.

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