10 Magic Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

In today society it seems that the bigger something is the better. Larger and bigger eyes capture more attention of the people and help you not pass unobserved. Applying makeup to small eyes can become quite tricky as you want to maximize all your natural qualities and put them in a good light. Eyes are windows to the soul and if you ask any men, most of them will say that the first thing they observe when looking at a woman are their eyes. Eyes can be very inviting and can really charm someone. As studies have shown that people find larger eyes more charming, here are some tips you can use to make your eyes look bigger.

10 Magic Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Magic tips to make small eyes look bigger:
1. Always groom the brows – even this seems to not have anything to do with the eyes, it’s actually very important. Eyebrows frame the eyes so eyebrows that are not well groomed will attract people’s attention on the flaws.
2. Dark circles have to be concealed – because they make the eyes look smaller it is essential to cover them. If you apply a shade lighter than your skin tone to those dark areas will make the eyes pop up more. Try to find a neutralizing kit and use it every time you do your makeup and not only.
3. Apply eyelid primer – it sets a good foundation to any makeup and make the eyeshadows last longer exactly where they have to stay.
4. Highlight under your eyebrows – if you apply a light color under the brows they will make that part look like it comes out visually and create more depth to the eyes.
5. Lightening inner corners of the eyes – makes them look bigger without having a defined shape. This makes the eyes look more elongated and bright and smudge the eyeshadow as much as you like depending on how obvious you want to make the eyes look.
6. Know how to apply dark and light eyeshadows – lighter eyeshadows you apply on the inner corner, the darker ones you have to apply on the outer corners of the eyes. Dark colors create depth and elongate the shape.
7. Be careful how you line the eyes – the line has to be thin and only on the upper lash line. It has to be winged out so it will create an effect of bigger eyes.
8. Curl the lashes – this makes your eyes look wider and more open.
9. Use a lengthening mascara – there are a lot of mascaras that create volume but to make the eyes look bigger you actually want your lashes to look longer. Give special attention to the upper lash line.
10. Take care of the bottom lash line – but not by applying dark eyeliners to it, but actually adding lighter color to them. You can also waterline the lower lash line with white or light beige eyeliner.

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