10 Beauty Rules You Should Break

There are so many beauty rules that a lot of women consider as being right and correct, but wait, who made them? Some are quite stupid, not helping at all and do you know that expression that rules are made to be broken? Yes, sometimes it is better to do that and we will break some beauty myths for you now. Following certain guidelines can become boring as it doesn’t allow to discover and develop you own tastes.

Beauty Rules You Should Break

10 beauty rules you should break:

1. Focus on lips or eyes and never focus on both – that is a big lie, a nice makeup and strong lips always look good together. If you look in all magazines nowadays you will see how many women actually have bold eyes and lips.

2. Match nail polish to lipstick – yes, and the belt and the shoes and who knows what else. This sounds like wearing an uniform and, in fact colors should be complementary not identical.

3. Don’t let your roots to be shown – before, if someone could see your roots, it was a big sign of not caring of yourself and not grooming properly, but now it is in trend, if you think of ombre hair that is basically something similar. Don’t become crazy if your roots are starting to come out, they can look quite nice.

4. Never tweeze above eyebrows – we all do the under eyebrows tweezing, but why not do it above also? Don’t be afraid to remove the hair that randomly stays over there.

5. Eyebrows have to be perfect all the time – even if it is important to properly take care of them, too much is bad too and now thick eyebrows are in fashion and people who wear them look much younger. Avoid making them too thin!

6. According to skin type, wear only cold or only warm tones – yes, your skin color is very important when choosing the right colors when it comes to clothes and makeup, but you shouldn’t care about mixing the cold and warm tones together.

7. Don’t use eyeliner and mascara on bottom lashes – some women think it makes them look older and it is true that sometimes that happens and the eyes look smaller too, but this shouldn’t be a rule you have to follow, test it by yourself and see how you look!

8. Read heads shouldn’t wear red lipstick – why? because it is too much red? in fact, red lipstick looks amazing on them, red lipstick looks amazing on everyone.

9. Layer your perfume – using more beauty products of the same scent doesn’t mean it will make it last longer, so if you have the shower gel, body lotion and perfume of the same smell it will only make it be more subtle.

10. Women with fair hair should wear brown mascara – if the hair has a light color there is a myth that black looks cheap on the lashes but that is a lie, contrast is always nice and a lot of fair-haired women have already natural black lashed and go for black mascara.

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