halloween-costume (1)

Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is around the corner and probably you are trying to find the perfect costume for this year, if you haven’t already found it. With each year, more creative costumes come ... Continue Reading →
Braided Hairstyle For Thick Hair (2)

Braided Hairstyle For Thick Hair

We all know how hard it is to style a thick and long hair, besides being absolutely gorgeous, sometimes it is heavy and many curly hairstyles you would want to make with it, they just ... Continue Reading →
DIY Flower Wreath

DIY Flower Wreath

Because wreaths are cool to have around the house as decorations and the more creative they are, the better, we have come up with a cute diy project that involves making small flowers ... Continue Reading →

How to Contour Different Lips Shapes

Doesn’t matter what type of lips you have, you can always make them look better and fuller. There are so many tricks that can make thin lips look bigger and there are so many tricks ... Continue Reading →
Eyebrows Shaping Technique

Eyebrows Shaping Technique

Probably you have seen a lot of eyebrows shaping tutorials that work amazing and we agree with that, there are many ways you can shape your eyebrows to reach awesome results. If you ... Continue Reading →

Magic Salt Sock

Ear infections are one of the worst things to deal with as a child and not only, they can be very painful. Sometimes, us, adults, have huge problems with dealing with the pain not to ... Continue Reading →

Complete Makeup Brush Guide

You have probably read a lot of articles written by us where we describe how to make certain makeup looks. A lot of them involve using special makeup brushes. If you are not very familiar ... Continue Reading →

4 Hairstyles You Can Do In The Car in 4 Quick Steps

We all know how many things a woman has to do, from taking care of the house, taking care of herself, go and work in a job, to everything that means raising kids, are just a few of ... Continue Reading →
Beautiful Blue And Brown Makeup Tutorial

Beautiful Blue And Brown Makeup Tutorial

Some of the most beautiful color combinations are between blue and brown, they look amazing together, especially on the eyes. We have a beautiful makeup tutorial for you today that ... Continue Reading →
Vintage Style Triple Winged Eyeliner Tutorial (2)

Vintage Style Triple Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

How many of you here are vintage style lovers? Even if you are not the biggest fan, you have probably been charmed by some vintage clothes or hairstyles at some point. Because these ... Continue Reading →
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