How You Can Burn Fat With Home Maintenance

A lot of us, when we think of burning fat, we think of going to the gym, adopting difficult routines and making heavy exercises. This is the image most people have in mind when it comes ... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Cute Sock Owl – DIY

Owls are such cute animals even if they look spooky sometimes. No wonder why a lot of craft lovers make them out of different materials and expose them around the house. They look too ... Continue Reading →

Water Spotted Neon Nails – DIY Manicure

Neon colors are usually trendy in summer, but that is not a rule. Either you go on a funky party or just a night out in the club, you can still enjoy having neon nails all year round ... Continue Reading →
When Do Clothes Make You Look Fat (2)

When Do Clothes Make You Look Fat?

No matter the size you are, sometimes clothes can make you look like you have a little bit more extra on you. Certain materials, patterns and the clothing combinations used are just ... Continue Reading →

Hair Extensions and How to Manage Them

Have you thought about changing your look by using hair extensions? Check out the details below and find how easy it is to manage them.  Photo courtesy: http://www.humanhairextensionsonline.com/. Keep ... Continue Reading →
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Correctly Blending Hair Extensions with Your Hair

Although hair extensions of all types are great for updating the way your hair looks, they have to blend well with your real hair strands lest they stand out and make you look strange ... Continue Reading →
Bun Hairstyles You Have to Try

Bun Hairstyles You Have to Try

Buns are famous all year round, no matter the season and the occasion. They can be worn by day and by night and will complete a cute look together with the chosen outfit, be it sporty ... Continue Reading →
Makeup Tutorial Using Vibrant Colors

Makeup Tutorial Using Vibrant Colors

There are times when you want to bring vibrant colors into your makeup look and it is perfectly fine as long as you know how to combine them, you don’t want to make wrong choices. ... Continue Reading →
How To Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows When You Have None (2)

How To Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows When You Have None

We have been showing you a lot of ways you can create beautifully shaped eyebrows, we have presented you several techniques that give amazing results and we are sure you had a lot of ... Continue Reading →
How To Fight Cold And Flu

How To Fight Cold And Flu

Winter season is the period of the year when most people get cold and flu, rapid changes in temperature and the bodies inability to adapt are just some of the reasons that trigger them. ... Continue Reading →
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