How to Get Enormous Looking Lashes

One secret for an amazing makeup are big lashes, they can make a huge difference between an ordinary and a glamorous look. Even if naturally you have small lashes you can make them ... Continue Reading →
Creative Nail Art Using a Net (2)

Creative Nail Art Using a Net

This is a nail art tutorial that is one of a kind, easy to make and creative looking. You might compare it to a snake skin, it looks very similar to it, or maybe with a painting of ... Continue Reading →
Chic Embroidered Sunglasses - DIY

Chic Embroidered Sunglasses – DIY

Are you getting bored of classic sunglasses? Even if they have details that differentiate them one from another, they still lack a little of that standing out factor. If you will try ... Continue Reading →
Ocean Nails - DIY Tutorial

Ocean Nails – DIY Tutorial

This ocean nails making tutorial was created thinking on beautiful vacation days. Combining amazing and vivid colors in a charming way this tutorial is easy to make even if at first ... Continue Reading →

How To Naturally Whiten Dark Knees and Elbows

Dark knees and elbows can be caused by various things, but usually some friction and sort of a pressure on them cause the skin to turn dark, then layers and layers of dead skin might ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip to Hide Under Eye Shadows

Sleepless nights, fatigue, party until the morning, even stress and worries, all of these have an effect on the physical body. One of the symptoms the body shows you are the dark circles ... Continue Reading →

Lips Contouring Technique and Beauty Tips

Contouring and highlighting can literally be used to every part of the body, starting from face, to chest and even contouring the abs area is starting to become a widely used practice ... Continue Reading →

How To Give a Classic Lift To Your Eyes

This tutorial is perfect for eyes that have fallen corners or just look tired. You know when you are tired, you have dark circles and your entire face seems to be fallen. Using a few ... Continue Reading →
Stylish Nail Design Idea

Stylish Nail Design Idea

Here we have an amazing idea of nail design. To create it, you will need three different colors of  nail polish or acrylic (beige, sparkly gold and black), adhesive tape, scissors, ... Continue Reading →
How to Make a Fishtail Braid

How to Make a Fishtail Braid

Classic braids are awesome and there are so many hairstyles you can create with them, from day looks to wedding hairstyles. But what can you do when you get bored of the classic braid? ... Continue Reading →
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